How to Join SN

NGO membership is available to persons whose interests, activities, and/or background are consistent with the purposes of the Association. Associate membership can include those who are active in, or engaged in leadership positions of, a non-governmental organization, whether or not the organization is a member of the Association. The following procedure applies for NGO.

NGO Membership Form

Membership Dues (dues are based on organization's annual income) 20000/-
Membership categories (Select one)
Regular Available to NGOs (Any non-profit organization not established by a governmental entity or intergovernmental agreement. May be organized on a local, national, subregional, regional, or international level.) (One Voting Representative.)
Senior The highest membership class to which an organization can apply for membership. Senior Organization Membership may be awarded to an NGO which has chapters or full-time offices in four or more nations; or is an Association with more than 10,000 individual members or 100 institutions or organizations; or which is a university or college. (Two Voting Representatives.)
Submit Application I am an authorized representative of this organization and I affirm that all information submitted on this form is accurate.
I certify that our organization meets the criteria of an NGO. NGO criteria
Note: Membership is activated only when membership dues are received and application is approved by the Chairman.


If you are not admitted as a SERVING NATIONS member, your application fee (membership dues) will be reimbursed, minus a basic charge of INR 1500 for processing the application. Privacy is a very serious matter for SERVING NATIONS. It is true that in order to process your request, we must know basic contact information such as your full name, address, e-mail address, and method of payment. All required information is kept internally and is never shared with third parties. Go to the bottom of this page and click the "Submit Application" button to submit this information and process your credit card.