Chairperson Message

"A man's true wealth is the goodness that he does in the world." - Mustafa Nazir

'SERVING NATIONS' means to 'to serve ourselves for the good of nations', and true to our name, we seek to spread the light of hope and care - wherever we find the darkness of anguish and despair. We Endeavour, in humble way, to reach underprivileged children and give them an encouraging new lease of life.

The focus of SERVING NATIONS NGO is not just limited to the children. We provide support to needy women offer them vocational skills to enable them to lead lives of financial independence and self esteem. We also support to eradicate the female foeticide issue, where our girl children are provided with best possible care.

Over the last 2 years SERVING NATIONS NGO has handled many projects related to education and health which aimed at helping the underprivileged section of the society.

I have always held the belief that through entrepreneurship, innovation and grassroots efforts. Our young people can transform this country. Whether rich or poor, the next generation has the power to change this world for the better. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate speak about dedicated work done by SERVING NATIONS NGO.

I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous and a dedicated staff, due to which our expectations have been surpassed.
SERVING NATIONS NGO is on a mission. A mission that will change our state and country for the better.